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Founder’s Memorial Series

In the months of August and September 2023, an aura of reverence and inspiration envelops the corridors of SAI International as the school community gathers to celebrate the Founder's Memorial Series. This poignant event stands as a testament to the vision and dedication of esteemed Founder-Chairman, SAI International, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo. It's not merely a commemoration, but a time of profound reflection, where his indomitable spirit and commitment to nurturing young minds and shaping future leaders are celebrated.

The Founder's Memorial Series, lovingly facilitated by SAI International, is an exceptional journey that spans two months annually as a humble tribute to the Founder. It beckons students, teachers, alumni, and staff to come together in a harmonious union to partake in a series of activities and events. These acts of tribute and celebration resonate with the cherished values and contributions of the Founder-Chairman, leaving an indelible impression on each participant.


The prominent vision of this series is revisiting the values and principles professed by Founder-Chairman, Dr Bijay Kumar Sahoo, to be instilled in the students for nurturing the future stakeholders of the nation. The Founder Memorial Series is an endeavour by the school to embed the eternal learnings as envisioned by the Founder, to help raise rational, empathetic & resilient leaders who bring about a prolific positive change in the society.