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by SAI Admin

02 June, 2018

An in-house orientation was conducted for teachers on Creative Teaching in English. It focused on various methods that can be incorporated to make teaching-learning process more interesting like use of realia or objects and material from everyday life used as teaching aids, preparing exciting talking points, and thinking out of the box.

The trainer outlined several activities for students that can make English learning more creative like motivating speaking activities for all levels, creating poems using specified words and concepts, retelling a story from the angle of students, solving puzzles to create a story, using comics and comic strips, listening and drawing etc.

The participants were also briefed on how to teach with the help of drama technique like role play, conducting press conference, where in students can be asked to frame questions in a fun way which will help them in enhancing structured speaking practice. The trainer emphasized that exercising one’s creativity and taking time to analyse the output will help in enriching the teaching-learning process and give a creative twist to make English learning more fun.