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by SAI Admin

18 June, 2018

In-house training programmes on SAI Academic Management Systems (SAMS) was conducted in several batches for teachers. At the outset, the trainer spoke on the necessity of SAMS and its importance during students’ assessment, report card preparation and making of MIS. It was also elaborated on Role mapping of Exam Department along with individual Role mapping of class teachers, subject teachers, activity teachers, Vice Principal as well as Principal, for better co-ordination. Participants were briefed on the necessary inputs for making a report card like student’s information and profile, subject pages, co-scholastic page, achievement page, scholastic page, student information page and legend page along with detailing on person responsible to share the data. The trainer also spoke on what are the frequently asked questions like Bucketing, second language and third language change, change in marks, grades and comments and how to address it. Participants also refreshed their memories on how to check MIS as well as how to update information on student achievements.