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by SAI Admin

30 April, 2018

One of the most difficult tasks for Mr. Sekhar was to have a day without any trouble. It was a regular Monday, a day hated by every weekend lover. He got up from his breakfast chair after having a quick glance over the daily horoscope section of the local news paper. His horoscope predicted a hard day ahead, which he already knew, as his day started with a lizard falling into his tea cup.  He left home with his usual sullen face.

Mr. Sekhar was a Government employee, a common man who always dreamt about promotion and holidays which he believed would never materialize. He lived in a Government quarter in Kolkata with his wife and two sons.

He was already late for office and was about to face one of the busiest traffic of the country and only a Government employee having a rude senior could understand his predicaments. It took around one third of an hour to cover only a couple of miles and still his destination was a little more than four miles away.

He arrived an hour late and missed The District Collector’s review meeting. His boss was mad at him. After completing his assignments he was contemplating the thought of going out to have lunch with his colleagues. Suddenly he discovered that in a hurry he had left his wallet back at home. Oh God, another day without lunch, he murmured. He now cursed the decision to remove the ring that his family pandit gave him in order to neutralize his bad luck.

 He returned home late that night after completing the heavy work load given to him. His wife was in a bad mood and was starting a fight. He ignored her and quietly had his dinner. Oh God, at last some respite to end the day, he exclaimed. Then he spent some time with his son and helped him in his home work. This had been his favourite time of the day. Tired, he kissed his son goodnight, offered prayer and retired for the day.

 When sleep was embracing him slowly a thought crossed his mind “may be it wasn’t such a bad day and may be tomorrow will be a better one”.

By: Piyush P Singh, Class IX