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by SAI Admin

29 January, 2019

“Do not lament the death of a warrior killed in the battle field as those who sacrifice in their lives in the war are honoured in heaven.” – Indian Army

The significant role of Indian Army in protecting our borders from intruders, ensuring National security, dealing with unruly civilians during riots, handling rescue operations during natural disaster, while living miles away from their country and not thinking twice before sacrificing their life for their motherland, makes them the real heroes of India. The students of SAI International School got a real glimpse of the Indian Army during the visit of Army Personnel led by Col D.D.Swain, Commanding Officer,120 Infantry (TA) Battalion on Monday, January 28, 2019.

A Special Assembly was held where students took the pledge, read International, National, State and Weather news and sang the National Anthem. On the occasion, Col Swain talked about the genesis of Indian Army from the time of the British era to the present. He highlighted the different ranks, insignia, hierarchical configuration, operational structures and organisation of Army. He mentioned about different regiments and its diverse histories. He also shared his wide spread experience in counter terrorism and insurgency.

In his address to the students Col Swain cited about the bold and admirable lady officer, Major Khusboo, the daughter of a bus conductor whose induction into the Army is a sheer testimony of her perseverance and diligence to overcome overwhelming odds. She led the all-woman contingent of the Assam Rifles in the 70th Republic Day parade that created history by walking down Rajpath for the first time.

The interactive session with the SAIoneers was not only inspiring but engaging too. He guided the students and instilled in them an urge to chase their dreams with passion and zeal. Citing the ethical practice of Indian Army, Col Swain said that it is very important to be a good human being and in spite of any odds or challenges not to get distracted and always remain ethical in approach. He also advised them to develop a hobby so as to remain balanced and happy.

Principal Shri Harish Sanduja spoke about the importance of discipline and the values of being a real human being. Senior Vice Principal Shri Nilakantha Panigrahy said that it is immensely important for all of us to know about people in the border who gives us safety.

The visit was a dream come true for the students and teachers alike. It was a life time opportunity for them to see, touch and learn about the war weapons used to protect our nation. They had a great time learning about the mechanism of 81 mm Mortor which can be used to target people or places within a maximum range of 5200 meters, the STARS V Mk II Low Power Frequency Hopping Manpack Radio or about the Machine Gun that can fire 1000 rounds in just one minute. Students were awestruck to learn about throwing a grenade within four seconds of opening the lid. A display of 7.62 mm medium Machine Gun, 9 mm pistol, 5.56 mm Insas Rifle, various grenades, bombs and bullets was equally awe inspiring. The elegant 20-minute Band performance with piper in different shapes by Jawans presently posted in various places of the country was indeed mesmerising.

The Indian Armed Forces are the prime guardians of our national integrity and sovereignty. They have fought adversities and locked horns with intruding enemy forces to ensure a safe and secure India for all of us. We pay our homage to the soul of our Country.

Photos from the Event